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Dedicated Cinematographers

How do you want your wedding memorialized? While photos are the age old option for freezing those beautiful moments in time, video allows you to relive those moments over and over. With our creative coverage of your wedding day, you will be able to share these wonderful moments with loved ones over and over again.


Weary of time constraints?  Make the most of your day and rest assured that we have you covered no matter how much you have planned. We understand that you have something incredible to celebrate, and will always remain organized so that you can do just that. 

Practical Options

Overwhelmed with ?  With Lifetree Entertainment, you can hire dual operators for your production so you can be sure to have the most desirable shots in every situation. With our array of professional cinema cameras and support equipment, we can achieve the look that will have you standing above the crowd. 

What do you get?

We all know how stressful a wedding day can be. The Bride and Groom already have a million and one things running through their head on their big day, not the least of which is just making it down the aisle on time.

With Lifetree, you have one less stress on your plate. We will be exactly where we need to be so that your big day can always be a not-so-distant memory with video and photo packages. 
The best part? Our delivery of your media will always be completed in a timely manner so that you are not left wondering how the captures turned 

We always strive to provide the best quality that we can for you and your loved ones.

Clients are never just a client with Lifetree Entertainment. You are considered friends and part of the Lifetree family.

Let us make your shoot easy for you.

We have a large selection of options for producing great music videos. Let us help you pick the right video options.

  • Single or multiple camera operators

  • Free travel *

  • Receive all RAW footage **

  • Cinema camera available 

  • Hourly and daily editing rates

  • Drone Media

  • 30 minute early arrival/setup time

  • Professional audio equipment

* Includes travel to single location within 30 miles of Sarasota, FL. **All RAW footage will be provided to clients for free in 720p resolution. Higher resolutions may be requested for an additional fee.

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We will always do our best to return your call or email within an hour of receiving it. Please keep in mind, we may be unavailable during certain peak days/hours — but we will get back to you asap.

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